Our products provide very high strength to diameter ratio, which means you can spool more line at greater breaking strength. Lines are extremely flexible and very strong for its weight. Used fibers, have no memory, will not swell in the water or lose strength when wet.

Our braiding technics results with rounded lines under tension, while resting flat when spooled on the real, not leaving any cavities, allowing more line for the long casts or the fight.

Our Lines are “Hollowed Design”. This unique feature allows hollow braid to sew into itself, as well as leader material to sew into the braid. Hollow line lays flatter on the spool, can be spliced, and being softer is easier to tie the knot.

Mahi Mahi Superior lines are not coated. Any coat added to the line will increase diameter, weight and will make the line stiff. Fibers themselves are salt, UV or water resistant. No need to improve something what is already proven.

Same approach applies to coloring. Will the fish see your line? Do not forget your leader. The length of the leader depends on type of rods you using and fishing technic.

More strands without coating or paint creates the strongest and softest braid by diameter!


Mahi Mahi Superior line consists of PE 1 to PE 11.

What is PE?

PE, an acronym used by fishing line manufacturers, to measure the diameter or strength of polyethylene fishing lines. Historically PE size is based on a Japanese numbering system called “gouw”, which was originally used to measure the diameter of silk thread.
Some of the manufacturers are referring to PE rating as a measure of the lines diameter.

We are NOT one of them.
To make it easier for our consumer, we market our lines with a breaking strain that’s 10 times the PE rating – 10 X (PE) 5 = 50lb. Actual breaking strength is indicated on product label.

Mahi Mahi Superior lines provide incomparable strength to diameter ratio:
PE1 – PE11


The Ply refers to number of fibers braided into the single line.

The general guideline is, less ply are usually thicker and courser than the higher ply of equal strength.

We do not compromise. Mahi Mahi are braided with 8 and 16 ply strand braiding technics, using highest quality 8 or 16 carriers machines.


We do not compromise.
As we learned, independent testing cannot be as responsive and reliable as in-house lab testing facility.

Each batch is being strength tested at beginning and production end, ensuring comprehensive product repeatability.

Highest grade, certified apparatus measuring line strength: