How to select the proper line.

Sport fishing is not complicated. Most people still fish to have fun. However it is important to keep the balance between the rod, reel, line and the lure. That word — balanced — is a bit of a moving target, but a good starting point, and can be tested and demonstrated in your local fishing store.

If you shopping for fishing line, we assume you already have rod and reel.

Line is rated for how much weight it takes to break (test strength), and bigger is not always better. Line size should follow the rod and reel manufacturer suggestions, and should roughly match the weight of the species you are fishing for.
When your local fishing store doesn’t sell the line per meter and measured spooling is not available, refer to reel capacity vs line diameter.
Just don’t be surprised if you will spool more Mahi Mahi line than reel data is suggesting.


Fluorocarbon is at the opposite end of braid when it comes to visibility and elasticity – we are recommending this for the stretch which will help keep hooked fish on and allow the bait to maximize its action in open water.

Fluorocarbon is stiffer than braid, which will keep your bait from fouling on casts. This is especially important when casting in the wind or when using baits that tumble in the air.

In our opinion, you can put any size line for a leader you can get a good knot with. Leader should be selected based on fish you targeting. We know anglers which use 30 lb braid with 6 lb leader for smaller species, and 80 lb line with 100 lb leader for yellow fin tuna.


Good braid to Fluorocarbon, and to hook or the lure, will make all difference if you will land the fish, or being frustrated watch the fish swimming away with your bait.

Tying strong knot is a science on its own, which we will not explore on our website.

You can find numerous animated, step by step instruction or videos how to tie you fishing gear.

One thing to remember, the knot will always be your weakest link in the equation. As a rule of thumb, knot will decrease strength of your setup by approximately 20%.